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PMGDI –  Program in Mobile Game Design & Integration

Course duration: 388 hours -16 Months

Mobile gaming is all-prevalent and here’s your chance to become the creator of some of the most exciting mobile-friendly games. PMGDI is a course which provides training in Mobile Game Design & Integration so you can master integrated game design for mobile devices.

Why choose our course – PMGDI ?

With mobile gaming on the rise, this is your chance to learn how to design, develop and publish mobile games. Bring to life the most advanced 2D & 3D games, using interactive AR & VR technology. India remains the most significant market for the future of the gaming industry. Our courses can help you find your true calling and up skill yourself as a creator of some of the industry’s most sought-after games.

Course Construct – PMGDI

TERM 1 : Game Art & Design Fundamentals – Dedicated module covering Fundamentals for understanding & creating Game Design & Asset Creation.

TERM 2 : Game Art & Design Advanced – Dedicated module covering in-depth content towards mastering Game Design & Asset Creation.

TERM 3 : Game Engine – Most Popular game engines used in the industry, UNITY & UNREAL. Detailed modules covering Game Engine Fundamentals.

TERM 4 : Specialisation in Mobile Gaming – Specialised module which helps the learners to create and publish mobile games, to keep them trained as per the growing industry need.

Course content

  • Digital Design
  • Vector Art for Games
  • Sound Editing
  • Game Design & Documentation
  • 3D Design & Modeling
  • Digital Sculpting
  • PBR Texturing Workflow
  • Look Development
  • Lighting & Rendering
  • Game Character Setup and Animation
  • Game Theory & Pre-Production
  • Game Engine Workflow
  • Game Asset Integration
  • Game Level Design- Mobile
  • UI/UX design – Mobile
  • Mobile Game Creation
  • Publishing Games to different platforms
  • Game Monetization Process

Software Covered

Career Options

  • 2D Mobile Game Artist
  • 3D Mobile Game Artist (Modeling, Texturing)
  • Game Environment Artist
  • Game Animator
  • Game Rigging Artist
  • Mobile Game Developer
  • Mobile Game Designers
  • Mobile Game Environment Artists
  • Mobile Game UI/UX Designers
  • Technical Artist
  • Game Designer
  • Mobile Game Level Designers