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Graphic Design & Multimedia Design Courses

Prepare for creative careers. Build a career in web designing, graphics, and print & publishing. MAAC Animation & VFX Institute – HSR Layout’s multimedia & design courses train you in understanding how images, symbols, words and letters together can be used as an effective means of communication and portray the appropriate message. Join one of our multimedia & design courses and explore opportunities in national and international studios.


Course Offerings

CGPD -Certificate in Graphics & Print Design

Course Duration – 120 Hrs (6Hrs/Week)*

The course is designed to teach you various nuances of graphic design, page layout design, and interactive design, along with an overall understanding of the underlying process. Join one of the best Graphic Design training institutes in Bengaluru

Certificate in Graphics & Print Design course at MAAC empowers you to champion Graphic Design, Page Layout Design, and much more. This is one of the most intensive graphic design courses in Bangalore that will make you well-versed with different aspects of design. In this Graphic design course you will be taught software like Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign.

DGWA – Program in Game Design & Integration

Course Duration – 288 Hrs (6Hrs/Week)*

DGWA, a graphic design & multimedia course, covers a wider genre; from illustrating children books to design layout for tabloids, book covers, motion graphics, UI design, creative posters.
From browsing websites on your tablet and smartphone to buying gadgets in cool packages, we want designs that are attractive and can fit all our requirements. This requires the work and talent of a graphic designer. DGWA is a career course that teaches you the concepts and fundamentals of design along with other areas like image editing and page layout. You get to learn lots of design elements and gain the expertise of designing tiny things like chocolate wrapper to big projects like billboards and websites.

Graphic Design Course – Photoshop

Course Duration –  1(1/2) Months (6Hrs/Week)*

The course is designed to teach you basics of design, layout design, and interactive design also the various ways of Graphic Design through Adobe Photoshop. Join one of the Best Graphic Design training institutes in Bengaluru.

Graphic Design Course – Illustrator & InDesign

Course Duration – 1(1/2) Months (6Hrs/Week)*

This is Graphic design course covers everything from illustrating children books to book covers & creative posters. Covers Adobe Illustrator & InDesign Software.

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